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Use of funding
Like many others, you want to take an active part in shaping a sustainable future? The conditions, including financial support from the state, federal government, and the European Union, are good. The necessary operational business ties up resources. Concerns about bureaucratic hurdles increase the reluctance to use funding opportunities. This does not have to be the case! Step by step, we consult with you in alliance on the opportunities and concrete steps – also online – along with the requirements of funding programmes.

We provide advice and support with:

  1. Orientation advice, the definition of goals and conceivable concretisation.
  2. Developing participation steps and identifying partners.
  3. Drawing up time and action plans and defining milestones.
  4. Formalities of funding applications.
  5. Document and communicate results.
External funds from funding programmes will not always be necessary to achieve your climate goals, but they can provide useful support.