Das Team

We are an intergenerational team of experts with practical, political, participatory, and scientific experience. We care about protecting the climate and the environment. We can help you implement appropriate measures for a good world for us and future generations.

➦ Dr. Claus Eppe
As a long-serving ministerial councillor and head of the department at the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, I assisted in shaping European, state-wide, and municipal projects in the fields of mobility, urban and neighbourhood development, as well as future-oriented research on participatory processes. Today, among other things, I work with SES – Senior Expert Service as a worldwide consultant for civic engagement and project development.

+49 173 6679780

➦ Mahjar Wazifehdust, M.Sc.
As an electrical engineer, I offer a wide range of in-depth expertise and technical understanding in the field of power engineering. In my current job and as part of my PhD, I am employed as a research associate at the Institute of Power System Engineering at the University of Wuppertal. This job involves both practical research and consulting services in the areas of energy supply systems, e-mobility and energy-efficient buildings.

+49 171 4142 785

➦ Philipp Eppe, M.Sc.
As an environmental psychologist and behavioural expert on environmental and energy issues, I support practitioners and policy makers in understanding the human dimension of sustainable development. I combine theoretically innovative research with the application of scientific knowledge in practice. In my current work and as part of my PhD, I am employed as a research associate in the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The core of my work are in socio-technical analyses and the development of participatory methods for building a regional hydrogen economy and sustainable neighbourhoods.

+49 176 30688166

Photos: Uwe Kraft | https://kraftfoto.de