Building efficiency
  • Energy analysis
  • Identification of building components
  • Action plan
  • Statement of work
  • Implementation

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Acceptance & Motivation
  • Understanding the initial situation
  • Clarifying perspectives
  • Behavioural factors
  • Designing measures
  • Launch activities

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  • Coordination of target catalogue
  • Active consultation
  • Readiness analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendations

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Use of funding
  • Orientation counselling
  • Partner identification
  • Time & Action plan
  • Funding application
  • Holistic Documentation of results

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Our motto:
“Nimm teil am Ganzen” (ntag) translates to “take part in the whole” – benefit professionally through active participation in the bigger picture. Climate and environmental protection, sustainability, the Sustainable Development Goals and active participation in Europe’s Green New Deal are our guiding ideas. The forming of co-existence succeeds when those affected become contributors, but what counts are your ideas and concerns!
We help you to turn these ideas into realisable strategies and to implement them practically in sustainable projects. We support you in recognising and using the existing potentials of your infrastructure and employees. We advise you on how to realise your ideas through concrete steps within a broad programme and how to involve your partners. We accompany you through these processes. In addition, we support you in taking advantage of a wide range of funding opportunities – from the application up to the documentation of results.