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Acceptance and motivation
Are you looking for effective and socially acceptable solutions to environmental and energy problems? These problems can be solved by motivating people to change their thinking or behaviour sustainably. This is our expertise. We apply a structured method that leads to effective, theoretically sound interventions to solve all kinds of practical problems. This applies to existing tasks and new, promoted areas.
Akzeptanz und Motivation
We provide advice and support with:

  1. In-depth analysis of the practical problem and determination of the thinking or behaviour to be changed.
  2. Collecting as many explanations as possible from different perspectives and identifying main causes.
  3. Developing a process model based on current science in which different causes of thinking or behaviour are interrelated.
  4. Developing an intervention to solve the problem. Select the causal variable(s) to be changed, the channel to reach the target group and the intervention method (e.g., feedback) and design appropriate strategies.
  5. Develop an implementation plan. Which stakeholders (e.g., community), regulations and laws influence the effectiveness of the intervention? Develop an impact evaluation to test whether the intervention reduces the problem.
With our expertise in the field of human-environment interaction, we draw on the latest scientific findings in environmental psychology to collaboratively understand and solve environmental and energy problems. This is important to limit global climate change and its negative impacts and to successfully adapt to the consequences of climate change. Technical solutions alone cannot solve environmental problems: Behavioural changes are needed, and sustainable strategies and innovations must be accepted and adopted by the public. We help motivate and empower people to act in an environmentally friendly way and to adapt to a changing environment. To do this, we use methodological skills and focus on theoretically innovative research and the application of scientific knowledge. Together with you, we find effective and socially acceptable solutions to all kinds of challenges to enable sustainable development. Furthermore, we link our knowledge with perspectives from other disciplines to better understand and address the complexity of environmental and energy problems.