Our services
Do you want to involve your employees? Together with you, we awaken and utilise the potential of your employees. With the help of socio-scientific methods and statistical instruments, we unleash the creative potential of your employees for more environmental awareness and climate protection.

We provide advice and support with:

  1. Agreeing on a catalogue of goals, in consultation with management and staff representatives, on a defined topic and advising on initial key points for measures.
  2. Addressing your employees through active surveys using a questionnaire with standardised and open questions.
  3. Asking employees about their willingness to participate and developing proposals for the further development of the internal culture and the economic and ecological orientation.
  4. Evaluate the results of the survey using modern research methods of social and organisational psychology.
  5. Presenting the evaluation and formulating recommendations.
Changes in organisations always require participation, cooperation and a concrete, common goal. What is needed is a holistic approach and a clear understanding of how people currently live and work and why they behave the way they do. Participation can promote acceptance and conflict resolution. Individuals and groups can reconcile and redefine relevant interests, contribute to shaping the future and adapt to upcoming changes. Thoughtful frameworks applied in a participatory manner enable and encourage groups, organisations, and communities to co-create visions and work together in non-prescriptive ways to work towards principled visions. Organisational response to sustainability is enhanced by people understanding the vision of sustainability, making it their version, accessing learning resources and taking responsibility for change. We want to help you foster creativity and participation by facilitating participation in your organisation, community, etc.