Philosophy & Values
Broad public participation in decision-making processes is the basic prerequisite for successful and sustainable development. Well-designed consultation and participation processes are important for this. 5% of our profits go to an association that promotes sustainable projects titled “one for the planet e.V.”.

Sustainability & Quality

We have set ourselves the goal of harmonising ecological, economic, and social aspects in our processes. In doing so, we are naturally concerned to meet the requirements of our customers to their complete satisfaction. The highest quality of our services and the corresponding results are important to us. Sufficiency, efficiency, and consistency are essential principles for us – both internally and externally. We always monitor the success of our work and make any necessary changes when required.

Innovation & Creativity

We aim to innovate our consultancy by using new ideas and techniques to promote innovation. We hope to contribute to positive change in our society with our curiosity, creativity, and desire for renewal.

Diversity & Variety

Everyone is welcome here. We cherish the added value that diversity brings. Everyone has unique talents, gifts, and abilities. This means that we treat everyone equally.

Teamwork & Partnership

As our name suggests (partners), we believe that everyone brings unique gifts, talents, and abilities and that the best results are achieved through collaboration. We involve other researchers and practitioners to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Responsibility & Reliability

We see it as our duty to ensure that any collaboration goes well. We stand by our agreements and personally ensure that the needs of our clients, partners and employees are met. Our future success and thus also our climate and environmental efforts depend on the contentment of our customers. We therefore do not compromise on trust and reliability. All our processes are guided by our high sense of responsibility, our values and, of course, legal regulations.

Fairness towards the environment & society

We prefer flat hierarchies and behave fairly and respectfully towards employees, partners, customers, society and the environment. Our idea of fairness also means that we enable participation in economic success.

Customer orientation & transparency

Your idea is at the centre of everything we do. It is important to us to meet your expectations because we believe in your potential. In terms of implementing your ideas, our focus is always on the ‘how’ not the ‘if’. We believe that open communication and participation are essential in all transformation processes. “Take part in the whole” – turning those affected into contributors. Our motto also reflects this value. For us, this means freely accessible information and the right to co-decision. This is the only way to promote acceptance and conflict resolution.